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The Website is provided by the online store COMO-SHOES and is available to both legal entities and natural persons over 16 years of age. If you do not meet the conditions, you are not allowed to use the website.

These Terms govern both orders and contracts concluded through our online store, as well as any terms expressly agreed upon. Any other terms and agreements are void. In case you do not agree with the terms of use of the COMO-SHOES website, you must not make use of the services and content of our online store.


COMO-SHOES has the right to revise and update these Terms of use at any time. If you continue to use the website after making any changes to these Terms of use means that you accept these changes. Each element of the Website may be modified, supplemented, deleted or updated without notice, at the firm's sole discretion. \


This website is the online sunglasses sales store under the brand name

Como Shoes E.E

Papanastasiou 38







The personal data protection policy of como-SHOES governs the use of information collected or provided by you on the website. To become aware of the personal data protection policy of the COMO-SHOES store click on the relevant link on the website.


The entire content of the website including, without limitation, texts, news, graphics, photographs, diagrams, images, services and generally any kind of files is the subject of intellectual property of COMO-SHOES and is governed by national, European and international copyright provisions.

Therefore, reproduction, republication, copying, storage, sale, transmission, distribution, publication, execution, download, translation and modification of any part of the Website is expressly and in any way prohibited without the prior express written consent of the CEO of COMO-SHOES. The registered trademarks and names included on this website are registered trademarks and are protected by the aforementioned industrial property provisions. Exceptionally, individual parts of the website's content may be stored or copied to a simple personal computer, strictly for personal use without the intention of commercial exploitation. In case of storing or copying content from the website it should be listed as a source of origin, although this in no way implies the granting of intellectual property rights. Certain elements contained on the website and derived from other entities are the intellectual property of the originators.


In addition to the other restrictions set forth in these Terms of Use, you agree to the following:

You will not hide the source of information transmitted through the website
You will not provide false or misleading information through the website
You will not log in and use services, information, applications, etc. available through the website in a manner not expressly permitted by our online store
You will not enter on our website data containing viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs or other computer programming routines that are intended to damage, interfere, intercept or seize any system, website or information or that violate the intellectual property rights of others.


a) external connections. The COMO-SHOES website may contain links to third-party websites and resources (linked sites). These linked sites are provided only for your convenience and not as sites, whose content bears the approval of the Association. We do not warrant the correctness, accuracy, performance or quality of any content, software, service or application present on any Linked Site. Further, we are not responsible for the availability of the Linked Sites or the content or activities of those sites. If you decide to enter connected sites, this is done at your own risk and at your own risk. In addition, the use of the Linked Sites is subject to the policies, terms and conditions in force, including, but not limited to, the Linked Site's Privacy Policy.

(B) internal connections. Linking to any page of the Website other than our website via a plain text link is strictly prohibited. Any website or other device that provides a connection to the location of the site of COMO-SHOES or any page available therein, you may not (a) replicating Content, (b) to use the browser interface or margin around the Content, (c) implying in any way that the COMO-SHOES approve it, (d) to misconstrue any situation, including the relationship with the COMO-SHOES, (e) presenting false information about our services and (f) using any logo or mark of our company, without his prior express written permission.


You agree that our company, in its sole discretion, is entitled to terminate or suspend your use of the website, its content and/or information, at any time and for any reason, or without justification, even if access and use continues to be permitted to others. Upon such suspension or termination of use, you are obliged (A) to immediately discontinue use of the website and services, and (B) to destroy any copy of part of the content you have created. Your access to the website, information or services after termination, suspension or interruption in accordance with the above, constitutes an act of illegal entry. In addition, you agree that COMO-SHOES is not liable to you or to any third party for any termination or suspension of your access to the Website, Information and/or services.


The COMO-SHOES online store makes the greatest effort to ensure that the information of the website and its content as a whole are accurate, clear, valid, complete, correct and available. In any case, the content of our website is made available "as is" and the store makes no warranty, express or otherwise, regarding the integrity, correctness, timeliness, commerciality, non-violation or suitability of this content for any use, application or purpose.
Under no circumstances, including this negligence, does our liability arise for any damage caused to the public as a result of this use of the website.

Our store does not guarantee that the pages, services and contents will be provided without interruption, without errors, that errors will be corrected or that answers will be given to all questions posed to it. Similarly, it does not guarantee that the website or servers through which the content is made available to visitors and / or users are provided without "viruses" or other harmful components. The cost of any corrections or services is borne by the visitor and/or user and in no case the store. Also, the store is not responsible for any damage resulting from its inability to provide support services to users of the website.

The visitor and the user of the website, by visiting and using the website of the store, expressly states that it does so at its own risk and acknowledges that the store cannot explicitly or implicitly guarantee that there will be no errors in the content of the website of our store. Also, the visitor / user became aware that the photos of the store's products are indicative.




The registration of the visitor/user is not required to perform transactions, however, if the latter wishes he can declare his details and obtain a username and security code, so that he does not have to declare his details in every future transaction.

For the order, the following items are necessary:

* Name

* Surname

* Address (not necessary if customer chooses pickup from courier store or post office)

* TK

* City

* Business details if customer wants invoice

* Credit card details if this payment is selected (number, name, expiry date and CVV code)

Through the website of our store, the customer can send his order by filling out the order form. The customer's order is considered as a proposal for drawing up a contract, for the acceptance of which by the store must be carried out an availability check. Further, after sending the product from our store to the customer, the acceptance and completion of the conclusion of the contract is confirmed. Information on the status of the order is sent to the customer's e-mail address.

Before sending the order the user takes into account the following:

a) the main characteristics of the goods he orders,

B) the details of the store, which are listed above,

C) the geographical address where the store is installed, its telephone number, facsimile number and e-mail address, so that the consumer can contact the store quickly and efficiently

(d)the total price of goods or services, including F.P.P. and any other fee and any additional shipping, delivery or mail charges, where applicable,

(E) that the consumer does not incur costs for using the internet,

arrangements for payment, delivery, execution, the period within which the supplier undertakes to deliver the goods

G) that the user who enters into a contract with the store has the right of withdrawal, according to what is listed below.

(H) that the store is liable for actual defects and lack of entered properties in accordance with articles 534 et seq. the Civil Code as well as that it provides further commercial warranty and after-sales user support services, in accordance with the terms listed below,

I) that the store strictly observes a) The Code of conduct of the "Hellenic Association of distance sales and e-commerce companies" (EPAM) - a copy of which can be obtained at the e-mail address   

and B) The Code of consumer ethics (P.D. 10/2017, Government Gazette a, leaf 23).

In the event that our store offers products, they are valid until the stocks are exhausted.

Our store is not liable to compensate the customer, in the event that due to technical or other error, the products and their prices are not properly updated, especially if the prices are either very low or very high. In such a case, the customer should contact the store via email.

Our store informs the visitors of its website that the consumer has the right to use an alternative dispute resolution body to resolve disputes, in accordance with regulation 524/2013 and K. Y.P.70330/2015, through the electronic platform of the European Commission located at:


The issuance of tax information for transactions through the COMO-SHOES store is done either with a retail receipt delivered to the customer upon delivery of the product, or with an invoice, in case it is businesslike.

All listed prices include VAT.

The following payment method options apply to product shipments within Greece:

Cash on delivery ….

Credit card…

Bank deposit........

In the event that a customer credit card has been used fraudulently, this charge may be cancelled, upon the customer's request to the bank that has issued the credit card. This liability only covers cases where the unauthorized / fraudulent use of your credit card for orders is not due to your fault or negligence. For this reason you have an obligation as soon as you become aware of the loss of your credit card to inform the issuing bank, in order to cancel it and exclude its use by unauthorized persons.


The products ordered by the customer are sent to the address indicated by him, when filling out the order form.

Shipping costs depend on the weight of the order, the shipping method and the country of shipment. The exact shipping costs are automatically displayed in the shopping cart.

Our store sends the goods within three days if all items of the basket are immediately available, while if products are included in which a specific delivery time is specified (e.g.Allah. available in 10 days), then the entire order is shipped within three days from the instant availability date of the product that has the longest delivery time.

The maximum delivery period may not be more than 30 days.

Of course, it is noted that the store is not responsible for delays in the execution of the order that are not due to its fault or due to force majeure, IE. in incidents that could not be foreseen.

Ownership of the goods is transferred from the store to the buyer, only after the full payment of the price. The customer will bear the risk of loss or damage to the goods, when the goods are delivered to the carrier.

13. Guarantees

In cases of liability of our store for a real defect or for lack of a registered property, the buyer is entitled to: 1. to require, without its charge, the repair or replacement of the product with another, unless such action is impossible or requires disproportionate expenditure; 2. reduce the price or 3. to withdraw from the contract, unless it is an immaterial actual defect. Concluded is the property when it has been agreed in writing. These rights of the client, according to the law, are barred after the expiration of two years.

The store provides a commercial guarantee, which includes ........................................................................................ However, damage from poor handling, force majeure and other factors are not included here. The customer shall bear the cost of shipping the product to and from the place of repair. The warranty does not apply when the product has been repaired by an unauthorized technician, outside the store or its partners or when the customer has removed the product packaging.


The customer has the right of withdrawal, according to N. 2251/1994, as applicable. In particular, it may, within a period of 14 calendar days from the delivery of the goods, withdraw from the contract concluded with the store, returning all products by means of transport of its choice and its own expenses, without any undue delay within 14 calendar days from the day of declaration of withdrawal from the contract.

For this purpose, the customer must complete the withdrawal form available in the package.

In this case, our store returns the money within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the goods, using the same means of money transfer of the original transaction, except in cases of cash on delivery that the money is returned through a bank account deposit indicated by the customer. However, any additional delivery costs such as cash on delivery, except basic minimum shipping costs, are not refundable.

The customer's responsibility is limited to reducing the value of the goods for use, which was not necessary to determine the characteristics, function, and nature of the product, while the condition of the product must allow it to be re-sold without any repair. Similarly, the condition of the packaging must be such, without tearing or damage, as to allow it to be reused. Once the packaging is removed, the product cannot be returned.

Any additional gift given along with the product, it must also be returned, otherwise its value is deducted from the returned amount.

For anything that has not been mentioned above, the applicable provisions of N. 2251/1994 on withdrawal.


This user agreement is governed by the provisions of Greek and international law, as well as the directives and regulations of European law. It is interpreted on the basis of good faith rules and transactional morals. In the event that a provision is found to be contrary to the law and therefore invalid or voidable, it automatically ceases to apply, without in any way affecting the validity of the other terms. Competent courts for any disputes arising from this are the courts of Corfu.

If you find any problems in the content of the website, please send us an e-mail message at: